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How Land Clearing is Done

How Is Land Clearing Done (And More Tips to Clear Land Safely)

Land clearing is the removal of the native vegetation such as very large and small trees, stumps, big rocks, and other objects so that you have the land to build something on. Land clearing is usually done for agricultural or real estate development reasons.

So if you have a piece of land that you have laying around or just acquired a piece of land and you want to build property or clean it up, you may ask, “How is land clearing done?”.

To do land clearing, you need to consider the type of vegetation, soil, topography, and the area of land that you need to clear so you can do the proper steps necessary to do the land clearing incorrect order.

What is land clearing for?

Land clearing can be done because of many reasons. To some people, they want land clearing done because they want to build property such as homes or other existing structures. Some want land clearing done so wide scale developmental projects can be done such as housing construction projects, commercial buildings, or other big structures.

Land clearing is done because land that is not originally cleared is less expensive to buy than land that is already cleared and ready to be used. However, land that is not cleared is popular to buy as people can build on a part of the land they want to use first and leave other parts uncleared for future purposes.


Land clearing is also done mainly for agricultural uses such as for farm lands for planting crops, trees, and land to raise animals. In any way you want, if you have land that needs clearing, you know now that land clearing is done for a variety of purposes.

The Land Clearing Process

  1. To do a proper job of land clearing you need to first remove all the vegetation found on the ground level.
  2. Next, you need to move and transport the vegetation to stack them in windrows so that it can be burnt so that the roots are left to decay or removed in the future.
  3. After the natural vegetation is removed, you need to do stump and tree removal and any plants found and you need to make sure that you remove every part including the roots. Like the natural vegetation, the trees and stumps are stacked in windrows for burning.
  4. You need to plough and mix in the other vegetation to a soil depth of about 20 cm and allow it to decay.
  5. You can also knock the vegetation to the ground and mix and crush it to the surface of the ground to be burnt altogether or leave it to decay.
  6. You can also kill remaining stumps and trees or hinder the growth of small trees by cutting them by the roots below the surface of the ground and leaving them to decay or burn them if necessary.

How to do land clearing successfully?

It is possible to do land clearing on your own success if it is a tiny piece of land with the help of power tools such as a chainsaw and some wheelbarrows but if you have a big piece of land, land clearing can be done with the help of professionals such as a land clearing service who have the right tools, machinery, and knowledge to clear land successfully and efficiently.

Land clearing can be complicated, and dangerous if you do not know what to do, it can also be time consuming, so for land and lot clearing projects you need to have the services of professionals for their field experience and knowledge on how to use the right equipment.

Even if you plan to buy the heavy equipment, hiring a land clearing company that has been in the business is the best choice to make. Engage the services of a company that has the right tools, machinery, and have professionals who are specially trained to do the job.

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What factors can affect how the land is cleared?

  1. Rainfall
  2. Topography
  3. Equipment used
  4. Skill of equipment operators
  5. The end use of the land being cleared
  6. Sizes and kinds of trees
  7. Density of vegetation
  8. Soil condition

What are things to consider before land clearing?

1. Check and inspect the piece of land thoroughly in all areas. Have a team inspect each inch of land to take note of things that need to be cleared away. Look for big objects, steep hills, or the number of trees that need to be dealt with.

2. Research on building and zoning permits. Make sure you do the right permit process. Before doing any large projects, check with your local government as the land that you have may be under some environmental protection. The land may also be not allowed for the kind of structure that you plan to build.

3. Establish a budget before you begin so that when you start your project you won’t overspend on unexpected costs.

4. Have price estimates with your land clearing service company, if possible have estimates with different companies so you can get the price you want.

5. Factors like the size of your land, duration of time in which it needs to be cleared, terrain such as hills, distance, type of soil, etc. What time of year or season of the year can contribute to the overall costs of the land clearing and price estimates can differ from each company.

6. Hire professionals and a company with credibility and the experience to properly do the job. To do this look up on customer reviews of past projects done by the company to see if customers were satisfied with the results.

How Land Clearing is Done

7. Establish the correct land area where you wish to clear. It is bad news if you accidentally moved a part of the land that is not yours so make sure to mark or fence off the right land area. Also, if you have specific trees or areas of land that you do not wish to disturb, have visible markings on them so they are not cleared away.

8. Lastly, you should remember to follow any rules and regulations about soil erosion control. Water runoff may happen so take proper steps that it won’t happen to avoid paying any fines. If you are clearing land near public spaces or roads, make sure to not track large amounts of mud or soil out of your land.

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