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Demolition Contractors in Harahan, LA – Reliable and Professional Demolition Services at Big Easy Demolition

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What makes certain demolition experts more desirable than others? When it comes to professionalism and experience, you can trust Big Easy Demolition and its demolition services to do the job for you at the best prices in the market. We are a trusted Harahan demolition company who can complete your demolition projects in the safest and quickest way possible.

With our expertise in the processes and services involved in a demolition project, you can be assured of master plans, clear timelines, the use of top-notch equipment, safety, and proper cleanup.

We specialize in commercial, industrial, and residential construction services in Harahan where you can enjoy the roar of the city or the quiet solitude of simple getaways beyond the city limits.

Our Building Demolition Process

demolition campany If you encounter old buildings in Harahan, you’ve probably asked yourself how many more years will it stand strong. Every building truly has a lifespan termed as design life and when this design life is over, the structure is considered not safe for occupation nor is it considered safe for neighboring buildings.

Just like how the diverse region of Jefferson Parish would allow you the ability to explore nature just ten minutes away from downtown, our demolition services will give you ways to explore your property from our demolition service to help clear your land for your new construction project.

So if you need an old structure to be replaced by new ones, here’s how a building demolition contractor can help you:

We Conduct a Thorough Survey

Before we do any destruction, breaking down, or junk removal of a structure on your property, we do a complete and thorough survey of the structure and its parameters. These are two types of surveys that we conduct—the building survey and the structural survey.

  • The Building survey involves checking the following parameters:
    • Types of conduction material used
    • How the building was used
    • The presence of wastewater and hazardous materials or chemicals
    • Drainage conditions
    • Shared facilities like common staircases and partition walls with adjoining building
    • Pedestrian and traffic conditions near the structure
    • The sensitivity of the neighborhood to demolition noise, dust, vibration, and impact on traffic
  • The structural survey involves the inspection of the following:
    • How the structure was constructed
    • The conditions of the structural system and structural conditions of basements, underground tanks, and vaults
    • The general condition of the building
    • The original structural system of the structure’s design

We Remove All Hazardous Materials

If during our initial survey, we found hazardous materials in the structure, our team of specialized and trained personnel will remove all of these including asbestos minerals, petroleum contamination, and radioactive metals.

We Prepare a Detailed Demolition Plan

We don’t just demolish. We make sure we demolish properly and safely. We believe that a successful demolition project begins with a demolition plan that will result in that success. For this reason, our detailed demolition plan includes crucial demolition aspects such as:

  • The location of the structure to be demolished.
  • Its distance to adjacent buildings, streets, and other structures.
  • The structural support system of the building
  • The detailed procedure for the demolition process including the sequence of demolishing structural members
  • The method of demolition to be used
  • All the precautionary measures for the protection of the public, the demolition team experts, and all other structures.
  • How the demolished building debris will be handled.
  • The specific timeline for the completion of the demolition process

We Comply With Every Safety Measure


We adhere to all safety standards in the demolition process to make sure that all the workers, site supervisors, engineers, as well as plant and equipment operators are safe from all potential hazards and possible safety issues that may arise. Our safety measures for our workers include:

  • Briefing all workers about the potential hazards
  • Removal of all flammable goods from the site
  • Flammable materials are stored in proper storage facilities
  • Firefighting appliances are stationed at the demolition site until the demolition process is finished
  • Stationing medical and first aid facilities

We also have precautionary measures for protecting the public and nearby structures which involves the building of temporary protective structures such as:

Big Easy Demolition CTA

  • Hoardings
  • Covered walkways
  • Catch platforms
  • Catch fans
  • Scaffolding
  • Protective screens
  • Safety nets

We Use the Best Demolition Method

In this sparse suburban town of Harahan where there are lots of bars, restaurants, and coffee shops sprawling the downtown area, we offer the best demolition services with the right demolition method for your structure depending on your purpose and the structural system of your building.

There are two types of demolition methods for buildings and structures in Harahan: non-explosive and explosive demolition. For smaller structures and smaller structural components of a big building, we use top-of-the-line equipment in non-explosive demolition like:

  • Sledgehammer
  • Excavators and bulldozers
  • Wrecking balls
  • High reach excavators

For the explosive method or implosion, we fix the main supports of the building like the columns, beams, and slab, with explosives. When the columns collapse, so does the structure.

We pride on quality demolition services that we can do for you here in Harahan:

  • Residential and commercial demolition services
    • Selective demolition
    • Demolition for building demolitions
    • Demolition to prep the land for construction work
      • Demolition of buildings and other structures
      • Clearing of building sites
      • Sale of materials from demolished structures
      • Blasting
      • Test drilling
      • Landfill
      • Leveling
      • Earth-moving
      • Excavating
      • Land drainage
      • Other land preparation
      • Disaster relief demolition services
  • Interior demolition services
  • Driveway demolition and relocation
  • Responsible land clearing demolition services

Successful Demolition Projects With the Best Harahan Demolition Company

As you enjoy the Soniat, Zeringue, Royland, and White House Parks along with other worthwhile attractions within the town or in smaller communities into the wild blue yonder of Harahan, remember that these lands were once prepared and cleared so people can have these wanting comforts.

We are your local demolition contractors in Harahan, ready to work with you in our aim to help make the job of demolition easier, quicker, and safer for you. We take your demolition goals seriously to get your land prepared and cleared for your next big project. Call us now to get a free estimate!

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“Big Easy Demolition was very quick to respond and provided excellent demo services at very short notice. I recommend them to anyone in need of demolition service at a very reasonable rate.”


“Big Easy Demolition is the way to go! I had renovation debris and they cleaned everything up nicely. They were very professional and they showed great service and care.”


“We hired Big Easy Demolition for an interior demolition project. They started and completed the job on time and cleaned up at the end of each day. They are easy to deal will and go the extra mile for you.”

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