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Reliable Demolition Contractors in Slidell, LA

Are you a business owner or resident in Slidell looking for demolition services that are precise, fast, and safe? Big Easy Demolition is a team of service professionals and experts in the demolition industry.

It is the best demolition contractor in Slidell, licensed and insured to carry out any demolition project in this fastest-growing suburb in the metropolitan area where you can soak in the atmosphere of the beautiful award-winning Main Street or experience great outdoor entertainment in Tammany Trace or in Camp Salmen Nature Park.

Best Benefits From Hiring a Professional Demolition Contractor

Slidell is a bustling city brimming with southern hospitality enriched with a beautiful wild side: the Honey Island Swamp. Many visitors love to visit this place for its swamp tours on haunting, pristine fresh-waters that are home to most of the Northshore’s charter fishing captains and the St. Tammany Fishing Pier.

Just as you would enjoy the many thrills that this bustling city can give you, hiring a professional demolition contractor in Slidell will help you get your demolition project done in the safest and quickest way, all while ensuring quality services. On top of these are the best benefits you will get for hiring a reliable and professional demolition team like Big Easy Demolition:

  • We are experts in the demolition industry having had success on several demolition projects for decades.
  • We own our own GPS-technology cutting-edge equipment.
  • We are committed to the process of value engineering to reduce demolition costs as much as possible.
  • We will save you time, money, and lots of effort as we help you achieve all your site preparation goals for your next construction project in Slidell

Our Established Demolition Process for Demolition Project Success

Demolition projects aren’t always fun and they can really be messy as well. But in this small town of Slidell that is full of countless fun for locals and tourists alike, we don’t just rock up your structure with wrecking balls, excavators, and explosives to accomplish demolitions. We adhere to a detailed and well-planned demolition process to ensure that the demolition project will be a success. We accomplish this following these steps:

Thorough Surveying

We conduct building surveying and structural surveying to study the necessary parameters of your structure that will help us achieve success in the next steps of the demolition process.

For building surveying, our team of expert demolition contractors will inspect to know these details:

  • The types of construction material used in your structure
  • How the building was used before demolition
  • The presence of wastewater, hazardous materials
  • Conditions of the drainage system
  • Facilities that are shared with adjoining buildings like common staircases and partition walls
  • Conditions of connected pedestrian and vehicular traffic
  • The impact of demolition noise, dust, and vibration to the community and to traffic conditions

For structural surveying, our building demolition contractors identify these important elements for proper planning:

  • The construction method used in your structure
  • The structural system and conditions of your building’s basements, and underground structures
  • The original structural system used in the design of your structure
  • The general condition of the building

1. Proper Removal of Hazardous Materials

Our team has specialists and trained personnel for the removal of hazardous materials like asbestos, petroleum contamination, and radioactive metals from the site prior to demolition. We make sure that they are removed and disposed of in a proper and safe way that will not pose any harm to the community and environment in Slidell.

2. Preparing a Thorough and Specific Demolition Plan

Construction worker In site - Big Easy DemolitionA demolition plan helps us determine the maintainability and repair potential of buildings in Slidell that can reduce incurred expenses while ensuring the safety of our workers on the demolition site, other nearby structures, and the public as well.

These are the details and processes of a demolition plan that we include for a successful demolition process:

  1. The location of the building.
  2. The distances of the building to other buildings, streets, and other significant structure
  3. The detailed procedure for the demolition of the building including the sequence of how the structural members will be demolished.
  4. Details of all precautionary measures to be implored for the protection of the public through the installation of protective structures like:
    • Hoardings
    • Covered walkways
    • Catch platforms
    • Catch fans
    • Scaffolding
    • Protective screens
    • Safety net
  5. How the demolished building debris will be handled.
  6. A specific completion date for the demolition project with every demolition activity recorded in a timeline.

3. Safety Measures Including Briefing for Potential Hazards

For every demolition project in Slidell, we make sure that all our workers, site supervisors, engineers, and equipment operators know the potential hazards involved in the demolition process.

We help our team accomplish your demolition goal by providing necessary safety measures such as:

  • Removing all flammables from the site
  • Storing all flammable materials like wood, timber, and fuels in a proper storage facility
  • Stationing firefighting appliances in the site until the demolition project is completed
  • Stationing first aid facilities
  • Undertaking suitable measures for problems faced by workers like exposure to dust, chemical exposure, heat stress, ventilation, noise exposure, sanitation, and occupational diseases.

4. Our Precise, Fast, and Safe Demolition Services

We pride in the quality and professional demolition services that we can do for you here in Slidell:

  • Residential and commercial demolition services
    • Selective demolition
    • Demolition for building demolitions
    • Demolition to prep the land for construction work
      • Demolition of buildings and other structures
      • Clearing of building sites
      • Demolition Safety HazzardSale of materials from demolished structures
      • Blasting
      • Test drilling
      • Landfill
      • Leveling
      • Earth-moving
      • Excavating
      • Land drainage
      • Other land preparation
  • Disaster relief demolition services
  • Interior demolition services
  • Driveway demolition and relocation
  • Responsible land clearing demolition services

5. Cleaning Up

We deal with every bit of mess after demolition has taken place. We make the clean-up as quickly and as efficiently as possible through proper sorting to recycle the most amount of building materials like concrete and steel.

We keep demolition debris out of landfills and do as much recycling as we can. We make sure to leave your site clean and ready for your next construction project.

Professional Slidell Demolition Contractors That You Can Trust

At the heart of the town of Slidell is the Olde Towne Slidell Main Street filled with historic homes, unique boutiques and restaurants, and antique stores and bars.

Highlights of this street include Carey Street Park and the regular outdoor Farm to Table dinners where you can enjoy the relaxing outdoors with family and friends.

CTA Button - Big Easy DemolitionLike this historic street that offers a lot of delightful experiences, you can get the best the demolition industry has to offer with quality, precise, fast, and safe demolition services from only the best demolition contractor in Slidell—Big Easy Demolition.

Get the best and safest New Orleans demolition services and contractors from Big Easy demolition, where you find fully-licensed demolition contractors, professionals, and specialists who can get the job done as quickly as you need without jeopardizing quality, accuracy, and safety.

Give us a call at 504-688-4399 and get a free quote.

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“Big Easy Demolition was very quick to respond and provided excellent demo services at very short notice. I recommend them to anyone in need of demolition service at a very reasonable rate.”


“Big Easy Demolition is the way to go! I had renovation debris and they cleaned everything up nicely. They were very professional and they showed great service and care.”


“We hired Big Easy Demolition for an interior demolition project. They started and completed the job on time and cleaned up at the end of each day. They are easy to deal will and go the extra mile for you.”

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