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How to Clear Land by Hand Without Heavy Equipment

Do you know what’s not fun? Clearing land! It takes hours and hours of hard work. If clearing land isn’t something you’re up for doing yourself our crew can do it.

At Big Easy Demolition, we know how to clear land for homeowners and business owners alike. It takes strategic planning, the right equipment, and a lot of grit and hard work.

Maybe you have a plot of land you need to clear and the job seems more than you can handle.

It does not mean it would be impossible but it would need all the effort you can give.

There is so much involved in the best way to clear land by hand.

Do you have a lot of trees and bushes on your property that needs to be removed? You don’t want to do it yourself, but the job is too much for just one person.

Why Should You Go For Land Clearing?

Land clearing is an important part for many projects and jobs.
It is the first step to take in ight equipment, . Even before you proceed with anything, land clearing is a must.

The Best Ways to Clear Land By Hand

Land Clearing Tools to Get You Started

  • Chainsaw, with several chains
  • Hatchet
  • Axe
  • Weedwacker
  • Loppers & other pruning equipment
  • Spade
  • Brush Grubber
  • Truck / tractor

Follow The Process: 4 Ways to Clear Land By Hand

To make things better to manage, you can break down the process of clearing land by hand or manually.

Best way to Clear Woods - Big Easy Demolition

You can divide the work into manageable parts. Focus on clearing trees, brush, and underbrush, plus fertilizing land and removing stumps.

1. How to Clear Trees and Brushes

  • In removing trees and brushes, you might need tools like an ax or chainsaw. Using these tools needs utmost care and knowledge, so make sure you know how to handle these. If you know someone who has more experience, consider asking for their help instead.
  • For clearing property of trees, you need to begin with cutting a 45 degrees angle into the tree, about one foot from the ground. Cut the tree on the side where it should fall towards.
  • Cut another 45 degrees angle on the opposite side of the tree. Make it a bit higher than the first cut you made to act as a hinge. Make sure you have reached halfway into the tree.
  • Cut into the notch. If you have cut into the tree correctly, you would be able to use your hand to push the tree to fall. If it does not work at once, you can come back to cutting and chopping into the second notch you made until the tree begins to fall.
  • In the event of too large trees, about 10-15 feet tall, you can choose to have experts handle the job instead. You can look for tree specialists or arborists for help on tree removal. Land clearing contractors can help you with the job as well, like Big Easy Demolition.

2. Manual Stump Removal

  • To remove stumps, you can start by digging the stump by hand. For smaller stumps with shallow roots, you can use a shovel to dig it out. Keep digging until you have exposed the roots and then you can use an axe or pruning shears to take care of the rest of the larger roots. Do this until you can take out the stump.
  • For stumps that won’t budge, use a stump grinder. Handle the equipment carefully to ensure safety.
  • In the case of stumps that have been dead for more than a year, it would be best to use chemicals. You can dig a hole on the top of the stump and pour potassium nitrate and fill it with water. Wait for the stump to rot naturally for a few weeks.

3. Remove The Underbrush

  • To take care of underbrushes, you can use a hatchet, chainsaw, or a pruning shear. You can remove large brushes by sections.
  • Remove the weeds, sticks, debris by hand. Stack everything on a pile so they can all be gathered for removal.
  • For weeds that cannot be removed, use a shovel or spade so you can dig out the roots. Circle around the base of the ween and pull it out using your spade or shovel.

4. Till and Fertilize

  • Check on the pH of the soil. Fixing the pH can help your soil become more usable. You can use a pH test kit for this step.

Prepare Your Land For New Uses

No land is useless. It is just a matter of land clearing and careful planning that you need.

By land clearing, you will transform land for more possible uses like building houses, buildings, establishments, and activities.

If you have a large plot of land, clear it one at a time. Inspect the area on what specific things to clear—weeds, trees, or garbage.

Safety First

When land has become unkempt for a long time, vegetation might have run everywhere.

Rotting wood, dead trees, and other stuff can cause safety hazards to people around the area. Make sure to also check your land for any exposed pipers or drainage.

Exposed pipes release a bunch of chemicals or fumes that can be harmful. Call your local expert to cover these pipers.

Get Rid Of Potential Diseases

Another potential harm uncleared land can bring would be diseased vegetation.

The disease they hold can spread to other plants. Stopping the disease before it spreads can be done through land clearing. Spores from fungi plants need to be weeded out since they can enter the body and are deemed harmful to one’s health.

Better Soil Health

Having too much vegetation also harms the health of plants because the soil has been used up too much.
Land clearing will help redistribute the soil better, aerating it, and improving its overall condition.

Less Chance For Mishaps Like Fire

Another risk overgrown vegetation brings is the risk for fire. You can decrease the risk of fire by removing dead plants, rotting debris, and other harmful objects.

Reduce Pests

Places with too much vegetation can also mean the presence of pests. They can grow way too out of hand if left unchecked. You can save yourself from worries if you clear the land as soon as you can.

Enhanced Land Value and Appearance

Land clearing can help you bring out the beauty and potential in the land itself. This can also increase the land’s value for your benefit.

Professional Land Clearing Done By Experts: Big Easy Demolition

I know it can be hard to clear land without the right tools, but you don’t have to worry about that!

We offer our services for this and we will also show up on time with the best quality.

Contact us today if you’re interested in any of these incredible services.