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Experienced LaPlace Demolition Contractors – Safe and Efficient Demolition Services

There is something in smaller cities that you always fall in love with. Laplace is one bedroom community in New Orleans that provides a good quality of life and delightful outdoor activities. But there is more to experience in this small town.

Amidst the growing economy, interesting architecture, and good schools that grace the community, you can get the best demolition services from Big Easy Demolition—the best demolition contractor in Laplace.

The growing economy in this place calls for changing old buildings for newer and more modern structures. For this purpose, you will need the professional completion of demolition projects with the help of trained experts and specialists from Big Easy Demolition. We’ll show you the steps to completing a demolition project.

Surveying Your Building For Demolition

CTA Button - Big Easy Demolition Laplace is a community that blends old with the new. The San Francisco Plantation House and Evergreen Plantation are two significant examples of beautiful 19th-century plantation architecture.

For old structures as such, our team of experts conducts surveys to check if your building has reached its design life and is considered already unsafe for habitation because they lose their stability and have structural damages.

The two types of surveys that we conduct to be able to study the parameters of your structure and its surroundings are:

Building Surveying

For this type of survey, these processes are carried out to determine important parameters:

  • Types of construction material used
  • How the building was used prior to demolition
  • Checking the presence of wastewater, hazardous materials, matters arising from toxic chemicals, and the like
  • Ensure that there are proper drainage conditions and check for possible problems on water pollution, flooding, and erosion
  • Check if there shared facilities with adjoining buildings if any like common staircases and partition walls.
  • Ensure that the neighborhood will know about the noise, dust, vibration, and traffic impact of the demolition project and have their consent.

Structural Surveying

For structural surveying, our contractors identify these important elements for proper planning:

  • The construction method used in your structure
  • The structural system and conditions of your building’s basements, and underground structures
  • The original structural system used in the design of your structure
  • The general condition of the building

Proper Removal of Hazardous Materials

Laplace - House demolitionIn Laplace and in any other location where demolition of old buildings take place, these old buildings usually still have asbestos in the material used when they were constructed. This is a construction material that poses hazards to human health along with petroleum contamination and radioactive metals that may be found during the survey.

We take safety precautions for these hazards and let the specialists in our demolition team who are licensed and trained for the removal of hazardous material take care of this crucial step in the demolition process. We make sure that these materials are removed and disposed of in a proper and safe way that will not pose any harm to the community and the environment in LaPlace.

Creating a Detailed Demolition Plan

With our outstanding demolition planning, we support and facilitate the maintainability and repair potential of buildings in LaPlace that can reduce incurred expenses. Our demolition plan considers safety, efficiency, precision, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness.

These are the details and processes of a demolition plan that we include for a successful demolition process:

  • The location of the building.
  • The distances of the building to other buildings, streets, and other significant structure
  • The detailed procedure for the demolition of the building including the sequence of how the structural members will be demolished.
  • Details of all precautionary measures to be implored for the protection of the public.
  • How the demolished building debris will be handled.
  • A specific completion date for the demolition project with every demolition activity recorded in a timeline.

Observance of On-Site Safety Measures

LaPlace is one of the safest communities in America. To uphold this level of security, we also take safety seriously and observe on-site safety measures for all our demolition projects in LaPlace.

We regard the safety of the public and the community by installing protective structures on the demolition site such as:

  • Hoardings
  • Covered walkways
  • Catch platforms
  • Catch fans
  • Scaffolding
  • Protective screens
  • Safety nets

Likewise, we make sure that all our workers, site supervisors, engineers, and equipment operators know the potential hazards involved in the process and how to avoid and deal with them.

The on-site safety measures we observe for a successful demolition are:

  • Removing all flammables from the site
  • Storing all flammable materials like wood, timber, and fuels in a proper storage facility
  • Stationing firefighting appliances in the site until the demolition project is completed
  • Stationing first aid facilities
  • Undertaking suitable measures for problems faced by workers like exposure to dust, chemical exposure, heat stress, ventilation, noise exposure, sanitation, and occupational diseases.

Proper Cleanup

We clean up everything after every demolition as nothing happened—from the debris to taking down signages, clearing parking lots we used to fixing potholes and repainting lines. As experienced demolition contractors in LaPlace, working around people and structures, we have the best crew in wrapping up a demolition project. We properly dispose of any debris and “leftovers” because we don’t want to leave your site in a mess.

Our company is more than willing to transport the demolition waste from our demolition projects offsite for you and dispose of it. But we will also go through and salvage as much as we can so that the materials (timber, steel, concrete reinforcement, bricks, and so on) can be recycled and resold, helping you save money on the overall cost of the demolition and being environmentally responsible as well.

Our Precise, Fast, and Safe Demolition Services in Laplace

We pride in the quality standards and professional demolition services that we can do for you here in LaPlace with the best demolition team of service professionals that you can ever have:

  • Residential and commercial demolition services
    • Selective demolition
    • Demolition for building demolitions
    • Demolition to prep the land for construction work
  • Disaster relief demolition services
  • Interior demolition services
  • Driveway demolition and relocation
  • Responsible land clearing demolition services
  • Excavation services

Only the Best Professional Demolition contractor in Laplace

While you love taking tours and adventures in LaPlace for its beautiful outdoor sceneries like the Cajun Pride Swamp Tours or paddle away on a kayak at the Manchac Mystic Wildlife for an experience with the cypress forest and expansive wetlands, you can also get the best services the demolition industry can offer from Big Easy Demolition.

We are the best professional demolition contractor in LaPlace. Our insured and licensed team of professionals will never give you less than you deserve for all your demolition needs. They demolish fast, safe, clean, and with precision—without breaking your bank.

Give us a call at 504-688-4399 or get a free quote.

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“We hired Big Easy Demolition for an interior demolition project. They started and completed the job on time and cleaned up at the end of each day. They are easy to deal will and go the extra mile for you.”

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