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Is It Worth Demolishing a House and Rebuilding?

In many parts of the United States, demolishing and rebuilding a house is the more cost-effective solution compared to extending, renovating, or bolting another story into an existing house. Still, some homeowners are hesitant whether this move makes better sense financially and take the home improvement route to great effect. If you have not yet […]

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Know What Works For You: How To Clear Land By Hand

Do you know what’s not fun? Clearing land! It takes hours and hours of hard work. If clearing land isn’t something you’re up for doing yourself our crew can do it. At Big Easy Demolition, we know how to clear land for homeowners and business owners alike. It takes strategic planning, the right equipment, and […]

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How Much Does it Cost to Demolish a Commercial Building?

Over most of the five years to 2021, construction values have increased. The demolition and wrecking industry is expected to gain ground over the next five years. There is an expected rebound in consumer spending that will encourage the construction of new retail, commercial, and office space in high-value areas with existing buildings. This scenario […]

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How Much Will It Cost to Tear Down A House?

Homeowners decide to tear down a house for many reasons. Most choose demolition to make way for new construction. This is also true for businesses that are considering demolition as a more cost-effective solution. However, the decision to demolish a structure can only be made if you have a reasonable estimate of demolition costs. This […]

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