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Metairie Demolition Contractors – Safe and Efficient Demolition Services from Big Easy Demolition

Metairie exudes a unique cross-cultural charm making it a proud home to many—a leisurely place with an element of artistic expression and fun. It has a family-oriented commercial unincorporated area where you can enjoy arts, culture, entertainment, music, food, history, and architecture.

In the midst of these highlights, there are also old infrastructures that  Metairie demolition contractors can help you with if your structure becomes non-functional. If owning a commercial or residential property in Metairie is becoming challenging to you, demolition services may be a better option.

Demolition Contractors in Metairie

We are demolition contractors who can help prepare a site for your new building or house. We understand how important it is to clear the land and prepare it to make sure you get to fit your construction project together.

We do quality demolition projects for:

We’ve been doing this job for decades.

Our business has been working in the demolition industry for decades, offering safe and quality demolition services. We own our GPS-enabled cutting-edge technology equipment.

We are committed to the process of value engineering.

Value engineering considers a variety of methods to reduce demolition costs. Our years of experience and ongoing training have equipped our team and contractors with the best strategies for helping you save up to 50% on landfill costs. We remain committed to the process of value engineering in all our demolition projects, including yours.

We will save your time and money.

As committed demolition contractors in Metairie, we can help achieve all your site preparation goals for your construction project. This will save you time and money by reducing your overhead cost because of lesser project management and paperwork. We will make sure that we clear all debris from demolition projects so you can begin the next phase of your construction project.

The Steps We Take for Demolition Projects in Metairie LA

demolition company - metairieDemolition projects aren’t always fun.

They can be complex most of the time, considering how a structure has lost its stability or the damages that it has incurred.

For a successful pre-planned and controlled demolition project in one of the oldest cities in the United States,

here is a step-by-step guide to how demolition contractors in Metairie do it:


We conduct two types of surveying before any demolition project: building surveying and structural surveying.

Building surveying involves this process:

  • Types of construction material used
  • Checking the presence of wastewater, hazardous materials, matters arising from toxic chemicals, and the like
  • Ensure that there are proper drainage conditions and check for possible problems on water pollution, flooding, and erosion
  • Check if there are shared facilities with adjoining buildings if any like common staircases and partition walls.
  • Ensure that the neighborhood will know about the noise, dust, vibration, and traffic impact of the demolition project and have their consent.

Structural surveying, on the other hand, will follow this process:

  • Determine the method of construction
  • Determine the structural system and conditions of basements, underground tanks, or vaults
  • Familiarize with the original structural system employed in the design
  • Determine the condition of the building or structure

Removal of hazardous materials

We have specialized personnel who can safely do the removal of hazardous materials from the site prior to demolition. We assure you that they will also be disposed of properly and safely so as to not pose any harm to the environment. These hazardous materials include:

  • Asbestos material
  • Petroleum contamination
  • Radioactive metals

Preparing the Demolition Plan

We will prepare a detailed demolition plan with all of these aspects in place:

  • The exact location of the structure to be demolished
  • The distances from the building to be demolished to its adjacent buildings, streets, and other structures on the street.
  • The structural support system of the building.
  • The specific procedure and sequence of the demolition process and method
  • Detailed precautionary measures for the protection of the public
  • A method of how demolition debris will be handled
  • Building inventory and specific ways to handle unusable stuff from the building like desks, chairs, and other office furniture. Remember the rule: salvage, recycle, then landfill.
  • Timeline for the completion of the demolition project.

Observe Safety Precautions

Safety is our number one priority on our demolition projects. We’ll take your structure down quickly while making sure that people don’t get hurt. We have safety service professionals who monitor the site during work hours and ensure that workers are doing things safely and efficiently.

Proper Cleanup

We clean up as if nothing happened. As experienced demolition contractors in Metairie, working around people and structures, we have the best crew in wrapping up a demolition project. We properly dispose of any debris and “leftovers” because we don’t want to leave your site in a mess.

We clean up everything—from the debris to taking down signages, clearing parking lots we used to fixing potholes and repainting lines.

The Cost of a House Demolition

Metaire - House demolition

We offer the best demolition services in Metairie at the most reasonable cost. Because we are trusted demolition contractors in Metairie that are committed to value engineering, we will help you save money.

Traditional mechanical demolition is the cheapest and fastest house demolition option. It costs around $4,000 – $14,000. There are many factors that affect house demolition costs like the size of your home, the material your home was built with, the location of your home, the demolition method used, permits, inspections, disposal fees, and others.

The Best Demolition Services in Metairie

Enlist the help of the best demolition contractors in Metairie. We know that demolition is not as simple as it may sound so we follow procedures correctly with the utmost safety precautions. We specialize in every step involved in planning and executing any demolition procedure for any structure and in any location in Metairie. Leave the professional completion of your demolition project in our hands. Call us today to know more about our services and get a free quote!

About Metairie

Metairie is the first suburb of New Orleans, Louisiana. The south shore of Lake Pontchartrain provides a wonderful backdrop to this fine city where you can find everything from French Quarter attractions like the Aquarium and Superdome and even some zoos nearby.

The city has many connections to its European roots, including the name of the town – Metairie which means “to sharecrop” or pay rent with crops and was popularized during this time period.

Things to do in Metairie

Jefferson Performing Arts Center

The Jefferson Performing Arts Center is a state-of-the-art and modern theater for live performances like concerts, operas, musicals, ballet performances, and symphonies.

It has the best acoustics with sound systems that can seat up to 1041 people.

The professional theater of great magnitude can host different types of functions while also providing catering when needed by its audience members.

Camp Parapet Monument

The Camp Parapet Monument is a historic site from the Civil War

History buffs and die-hard fans of war can make a quick trip here to appreciate what it was like in days gone by for just an hour or two before visiting nearby cemeteries where many union members are buried.

The view at this monument also provides peace as well, with views overlooking rivers below.

Notable Residents

Ellen DeGeneres

The famous talk show host and star of Finding Dory was born and raised in Metairie.

Shelley Hennig

A successful TV actress, model, and businesswoman well known for her work in Hollywood as a model and winning the title of Miss Louisiana Teen USA 2004 & Miss Teen USA 2004.

Sal Khan

An entrepreneur, teacher, and founder of Khan Academy.

Facts About Metairie

  • The name of the city is pronounced either “MEH-tuh-ree” or “MEH-tree.” “The Metrys” is also acceptable.
  • Metairie is a place of many shopping opportunities for locals and tourists alike.
  • Lakeside Shopping Center, the highest-grossing mall in the New Orleans metropolitan area with 130 stores among its 60-year-old building, offers some tax-free shopping to foreign visitors as well because it’s close to Louis Armstrong Airport (10 minutes) and the French Quarter (15 mins).
  • The Lake Pontchartrain Causeway is the longest continuous bridge over water in the world. Spanning 38.35 km, this gargantuan bridge is held up by 9,500 concrete pilings and connects Mandeville to Metairie with iconic views of both cities along its way.

Nearby Suburbs

  • Shrewsbury
  • Bonnabel Place
  • Buctown
  • Indian Beach

Public Transportation

You can ride buses or trains to help you get around Metairie.

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