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Site preparation is a key step to a lot of construction works and projects. For many owners planning to build, they have lots that need land clearing services in New Orleans.

This is the first step for residential and construction developments. Before any construction work can begin, the land would need extensive preparation and clearing.

yellow tractors clearing a land area - Big Easy DemolitionLand clearing is also known as lot clearing by other contractors. This involves the process of removing trees, stumps, and other debris from properties.

This is important for many purposes like construction or land development. It can look like an activity that disturbs and disrupts the natural environment.

This is not true. Licensed professional land clearing follows safe guidelines that preserve nature. As one of the renowned land clearing contractors in New Orleans, we, at Big Easy Demolition are stringent methods and practices that do not harm the ecosystem. We are a trusted local land clearing company in NOLA.

Benefits Of Land Clearing Services

There are many reasons why land clearing services are necessary. An untouched piece of land will look like it has not much potential but wait for it to be cleaned. This will open many possibilities for construction, development, and planning.

Better Land Health and Quality

Residential and commercial constructions would not start without proper land clearing done first. Building a home or building needs stable land and involves removing obstructions in the land. Land clearing will improve the quality and health of the land. It will also prevent erosions from happening in the future.

Better Vegetation, Better Appearance

Big easy demolition - CTAA land’s aesthetic is affected by the vegetation present in the property. Before you can start landscaping, you would need to remove existing plants or trees. Some vegetation is too overgrown that clearing them would be a better option.

This can also help you prevent any spread of diseases and pests that could happen if left unchecked. Some pests like termites have nests that would need removal before construction starts.

How Does Land or Lot Clearing Work?

Before land or lot clearing starts, there are also several preparations needed. You would need to decide whether you will do the clearing yourself or hire a contractor. Here are other steps involved:

  • Land clearing permits – determine if you will need permits. You can get permits from local land planning agencies. If you would work with a contractor, you can expect that they will take care of permits for the project.
  • Land survey – This is necessary for checking construction and property lines. If there had been a previous land survey, consider getting a current one. Land surveys can cost between $480 and $540 for residential sites.
  • Utilities – This is a free service that utility companies can provide to you. They will come to check for any underground lines running on the property. They will tag and identify lines so you and your contractor will be aware. You can call 811 to start checking the utility lines.
  • Property grading – This would include erosion prevention and drainage control. It involves leveling and readying the land for construction.

Land Clearing Techniques

Depending on the size, condition, and use of the land, it will be then decided what cleaning method will be used. Here are common land clearing techniques used:

  • Cut and Grind technique – This can be done if there are few trees in the area. Land clearing starts with removing weeds and brush using either a mover or root plow. Bigger machines will take care of trees that need to be taken down. Stumps are also removed. Debris from trees can be mulched around the area, ensuring safety during the process.
  • Bulldozing – Bigger machinery will be used as a bulldozer. In a bigger area with a lot of trees, this method is most often used. The machine will also take care of the stumps and roots of the trees.
  • Pullover technique – Uses machinery like large anchor chains and tractors. You would attach the chains from the machine and attach it back to the tractor. The tractor then pulls away to remove debris or trees.
  • Manual clearing – this method is also called slashing and clearing. Hand tools like slashers, axes, machetes, and slasher hoes are used to remove clearing. This is a good technique for small areas without big trees too. One downside is that this can be time-consuming for bigger areas and might cost more.

How Much Does Land Clearing Cost?

Yellow tractor beside a stockpile of soil - Big Easy DemolitionThe cost of land clearing would depend on the work that would be done on the property.

Other factors like the lot size, vegetation, presence of trees, and the purpose of the clearing can affect costs. HomeGuide gave an average estimate of land clearing costs.

Most residential land clearing services cost between $1,150 and $3,680.

Most companies would charge based on quarter-acre to full acre prices. They would base most of their charges with $1 to $2 per square foot for land clearing and preparation.

What is the Best Equipment for Land Clearing?

For bigger areas that need land clearing, some land clearing machinery is important. You can rent bulldozers, mulchers, or other machines. Contractors will have their own machines to use for clearing.

Here are common machines used for land clearing:

  • Bulldozer – Used for clearing. removing rocks and boulders, and other foundational work.
  • Mowers and mulchers – These two are used for many landscaping and clearing needs. The mower removes overgrowth while the mulcher breaks down wood and other plants into mulch.
  • Stump grinder – used for removing tree stumps, otherwise a tractor and chain combo is used.

Lands are set aside and not given much attention. The ideas and possibilities for the use of these lands are endless. Most of the time, it needs the removal of debris, vegetation, rocks, and other obstruction for us to fully appreciate these lands. Land clearing would need help and expertise from contractors like Big Easy Demolition – a top local land clearing service professionals offering quality services. We would be happy to consult with you! We can talk about your plans for land clearing and other demolition services that we can provide. We also offer Concrete Removal and Interior Demolition services in New Orleans. Our team of professionals are happy and ready to service New Orleans and other surrounding areas.

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