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How House Demolition Services Can Help Build You a New Home

Building a new home is laborious. And if you have an existing structure on the lot where you plan to build your house, the work can become more overwhelmingly strenuous. When you are building a new home in an established neighborhood, a house demolition service can take the weight of demolition off your shoulders.

House demolition is not an easy task. It also requires careful planning and professional skill to be able to completely and safely get the job done. There are safety procedures that have to be followed and specific methods that have to be considered.

4 Reasons for Demolition of Buildings

How will you know if demolishing a house is the right choice? For residential properties, you can look out for red flags that determine if a structure is good to go for demolition.

Here are reasons that make a house worth demolishing:

  1. The structure is not up to current standards in the neighborhood where it belongs with the following features:
    1. The size is smaller-than-average in square footage of the
    2. required house size in the area.
    3. The kitchen is out-dated
    4. There are no sufficient bathrooms
      Energy consumption is excessive because of an outdated electrical system
  2. The house has serious structural issues that make it functionally obsolete and very difficult to place in the market for sale. It can be very expensive to make repairs for it to sell.
  3. The price of the house is way below the average selling price of properties in the area making purchasers doubt. This can make the property sit unsold for a long time.
  4. Its value is so low that a new house can be priced two or three times higher.

If you assess the property and most or all of the above reasons are satisfied, it is best that the property is demolished.

There are professional demolition contractors who can handle the job safely and easily for you. They have the experience, skill, and proper equipment to carry on the demolition job.

Benefits of Home Demolition

The word demolition is generally regarded negatively because it means destroying a structure. But in house construction, demolition is an important step towards building something better.
New Home Construction - Big Easy Demolition

It signals change and growth for homeowners. There are many benefits of home demolition that are not recognized by many.

These benefits include:

  • Aiding in disaster response
  • Helping with community development
  • Promoting environmental responsibility

When home demolition happens, especially when the demolition contractors apply environmentally responsible demolition, the surrounding environment of the structure is protected in two ways:

  1. Recycling

    When a house is demolished, not all materials are considered rubbish. The rebars, concrete, and wooden studs can be recycled and used for new construction or other useful stuff.

    This reduces the need for raw materials and the strain on the local environment to deal with demolition waste.

  2. Contamination Control

    Professional demolition contractors and technicians know how to identify, handle, and deal with contaminated materials from old structures. They are connected with appropriate treatment facilities in the area.

    They are also knowledgeable in how to manage demolition waste and clean the area for new construction. They make sure that the area is safe for building a new home where children and pets can play.

    Another benefit of home demolition especially for homes that were built many decades ago and contain asbestos, removing the home will be in the best interest of the public.

    Professional demolition contractors have a license to remove and handle hazardous materials from old structures. Most importantly, they have safety equipment to do the job.

What Are the Advantages of Home Demolition Services?

Demolishing a house is not just tearing down the structure. There are many things to consider. It requires planning and scheduling. Local restrictions should also be considered.

A smarter choice would be to hire a professional demolition crew who knows exactly how to demolish a home. Here are advantages of home demolition services that a professional demolition company does:

  1. They know and comply with local regulations on demolition.

    When you let a professional demolition team do the demolition, they are licensed, trained, and experienced to do the job. You are assured that the demolition project complies with the regulations set by the local government.

    This is important because a demolition project can involve hazardous waste and deal with electrical lines which will require a permit and other paperwork.

  2. Safety standards

    Engineer architect and worker operation control demolish old building - Big Eas DemolitionThere are several risks involved in demolition. If you are inexperienced, the level of the risk is high. Experienced demolition workers can save you from these risks and other potential accidents and harm.

  3. Effective techniques

    The training and experience that a demolition crew has gone through make them able to demolish a home quicker and safer. They can work efficiently to complete a home demolition, no matter what it takes to finish the job.

  4. Protect other structures

    There are strict boundary points that need to be considered during demolitions. A professional demolition team includes determining property lines and exact boundaries to preserve other structures that are not included in the demolition project.

  5. Protection from health and environmental hazards

    Demolition crews know how to properly handle hazardous materials in structures that are to be demolished. They know how to safely remove and dispose of asbestos which will prevent contamination of groundwater and other hazards.

  6. Shorter demolition process

    With more experience, skill, and proper equipment, a professional demolition team can do the job more efficiently, in a shorter time. This will save you time, energy, and money.

How House Demolition Services Can Help You Build Your New Home

Once you decide that house demolition is the best option, you can contact potential home demolition crews in the area.

Demolition services can do smart demolition, provide a safe working environment, and do total clean-up and worry-free demolition for you. They make sure that you have a clean ground where you can have a new home construction.

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Big Easy Demolition is a licensed and insured company providing demolition services for both homes and businesses.

We proudly serve the areas of Metairie, Slidell, New Orleans, Kenner, Laplace, and all throughout the Greater New Orleans area.

Contact us today for more information.


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