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Professional Concrete Removal Services in New Orleans by Big Easy Demolition

We’re in it for the long haul wherever you may need quality concrete removal services in New Orleans! We have been serving in the area with reliable, budget-friendly, and full-service concrete removal and waste disposal.

Whether it’s residential, commercial, or industrial, we can help. We also clear construction sites, commercial zones, and rentals. Anything concrete and you need it removed for whatever purpose, we will gladly do it for you.

In a city with an invigorating spirit that is sure to inspire, captivate, and motivate you to do so much, you can also get the best concrete removal services. Big Easy Demolition in New Orleans offers you its specialized concrete removal of general construction debris from your home renovation or construction project.

Addressing Your Concrete Project: Repair or Remove?

When you are undecided about which approach is best for your concrete structure, and whether you should repair or remove it, we will help you decide which route is best for you.

We recommend complete concrete removal if you see any of these on your driveway, patio, sidewalk, or slab:

  • Multiple, wide, and deep cracks that are uneven or settled on one side
  • Part of the concrete is pushed up (frost heave) due to the frost that occurs in colder climates
  • Concrete that has settled due to improper preparation of subgrade

On the other hand, simple concrete repairs in New Orleans will be a more cost-effective and faster option in these situations:

  • Presence of small, hairline, thin cracks with no evidence of settling
  • Sunken concrete is caused by heavy equipment or load that was placed on the concrete.

In Big Easy Demolition, we will assess your concrete structure properly and determine if it is necessary to bring down an old concrete structure in order to erect a new one or replace the damaged parts.

Since concrete can be challenging to remove, we offer safe and precise concrete removal services in New Orleans that covers all types of concrete structures in various applications, ensuring successful completion of your concrete projects.

Concrete Removal Services From Big Easy Demolition

Big Easy DemolitionConcrete patio removal after demolishing - Big Easy Demolition is more than just a concrete contractor. If you are planning to remove a concrete patio, driveway, sidewalk, or walkway, we can help! Any construction debris or concrete from home renovations or construction projects can also be an eyesore on your site.

We promise you that concrete removal with our expertise is much less expensive and a great deal more convenient for you.

These are the following concrete removal projects we offer in New Orleans:

  • Concrete patio removal
  • Concrete driveway removal
  • Walkway-sidewalk tear-out
  • Basement floor tear-out
  • Concrete floor tear-out/removal
  • Commercial concrete removal services
  • Residential concrete removal services
  • City sidewalk removal
  • Concrete haul-off service
  • Concrete cutting and tear-out services

Concrete Removal Process

The process of removing concrete in New Orleans has a major influence on both the surface of the remaining concrete and the properties of the uppermost layer of the remaining concrete.

We have engineers and specialists who can carefully and safely remove your concrete even with surrounding concrete structures that are still in good condition.

Depending on the extent of repair or damage to your concrete structure, we use a concrete removal method that is suitable and safe for your concrete demolition process.

Here are the methods of concrete removal that we use:

Blasting Method

We use materials producing rapidly expanding gas confined within a series of boreholes to produce controlled fractures of the concrete.

We have qualified personnel with proven experience and ability in this field. We will also make sure that we get proper permission from the government departments in New Orleans in advance if this is the best method for your concrete removal project.

Cutting Method

Cutting Damaged Concrete - Big Easy DemolitionWe cut damaged concrete, handle it, and transport the cut pieces properly.

We use several concrete cutting techniques such as:

  • High-pressure water jet (without abrasives)
  • Diamond or carbide saw
  • Diamond wire cutting
  • Mechanical shearing
  • Stitch drilling
  • Thermal cutting

Impacting Method

Our experts in this field perform this concrete removal method by repeatedly striking the concrete surface with a high-energy tool or a large mass to fracture and spall the concrete structure.

The types of equipment we use for this method are:

Milling Method

This method is used to remove a specified amount of concrete from large areas of horizontal or vertical surfaces producing a sound surface free of micro-cracks.


If you need to remove just a portion of a sound concrete structure, we can use hydro-demolition for your concrete removal. This method involves high-pressure water jetting as a primary means for the removal of concrete.

This works best if you desire to preserve and clean the steel reinforcement for reuse and minimize damage to the concrete remaining in place.

Our engineers apply this method with high efficiency by disintegrating concrete and changing it back to sand and gravel-sized pieces.

Pre-splitting Method

We use hydraulic splitters, water pressure pulses, or expansive chemicals placed in boreholes drilled along a line to induce a crack plane for the removal of your concrete structure.

The pattern, spacing, and depth of boreholes will determine the extent and direction of the crack planes.


This is a highly efficient and environment-friendly method we use where metal pieces are projected at the concrete surface at high velocity removing concrete material that is collected by a vacuum chamber in the machine. Safety precautions are strictly adhered to when utilizing shot-blasting techniques.

How Much Does Concrete Removal Service Cost in New Orleans?

Big Easy Demolition will do concrete removal for you that is well within your budget.

The concrete removal cost will depend on the amount of concrete that needs to be removed, disposal fees, and your location in New Orleans.

An example of professional concrete removal prices are:

  • A modest patio or sidewalk (200 sq ft): $400 – $600 but will cost more if the concrete cannot be recycled
  • A typical two-car driveway: $1,500 – $2,500 and up; will cost more if the driveway was completed with reinforced concrete which is more difficult to remove
  • A concrete foundation generally costs $2000 – $5000

We Are Your New Orleans Concrete Removal Company

No job is too big or too small for Big Easy Demolition for any concrete removal needs in New Orleans.

We have special equipment that will tackle a variety of concrete removal projects, no matter the size and complexity of residential, commercial, and industrial sites.

We also make sure that all the concrete we remove is hauled away and disposed of properly in a landfill or a concrete recycler.

We accomplish every concrete removal project in New Orleans promptly, safely, and precisely to meet your specifications.

We have professionals handling both commercial and residential concrete removal in New Orleans and our team of contractors is experienced and always ready to serve you.

Some clients might want to know the cost to remove and replace the concrete driveway, all you need to do is call us today!

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“Big Easy Demolition was very quick to respond and provided excellent demo services at very short notice. I recommend them to anyone in need of demolition service at a very reasonable rate.”


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“We hired Big Easy Demolition for an interior demolition project. They started and completed the job on time and cleaned up at the end of each day. They are easy to deal will and go the extra mile for you.”


“They handled the demolition of our old commercial building efficiently and safely. Their team managed everything from obtaining permits to clearing the debris, ensuring a smooth process from start to finish. Highly recommended for anyone looking for complete demolition services!”

James Farmer

“We needed selective demolition and interior gutting for our historic home renovation, and they exceeded our expectations. They were meticulous in preserving the original features while removing the old materials. Their expertise made all the difference!”

Sarah Owens

“After some major landscaping changes, Big Easy Demolition came through with concrete removal and site cleanup. Their crew worked efficiently and left our yard looking pristine. Their attention to detail and quick turnaround time were impressive!”

Thomas Farris

“Big Easy Demolition did an excellent job clearing land and excavating for our new home construction. They worked with precision, ensuring all the stumps, rocks, and debris were completely removed. The site preparation was perfect, and we couldn’t have asked for better service!”

Jessica Curtis

“We called Big Easy Demolition for an emergency demolition after a storm severely damaged our garage. They responded promptly, securing the site and safely removing the structure in no time. Their professionalism and urgency made a stressful situation much easier to handle!”

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