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Disaster Relief Services in New Orleans – Rapid Response and Reliable Support from Big Easy Demolition

We live in unprecedented times and there are many things that happen that affect our lives.

Disastrous events, whether accidental or natural, pose threats to our families’ safety.

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Disasters happen all around the world, and we, in New Orleans area are not exempt from these events.

The Johns Hopkins and the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies shared their own definition. “The word disaster implies a sudden overwhelming and unforeseen event.”

At the household level, a disaster could result in a major illness, death, a substantial economic or social misfortune.

At the community level, it could be a flood, a fire, a collapse of buildings in an earthquake, the destruction of livelihoods, an epidemic or displacement through conflict.

When occurring at the district or provincial level, many people can be affected.”

What is Natural Disaster Assistance Work?

According to The Center for High Impact Philanthropy, there were an average of 127 disasters that occurred in the US from 2006 to 2015.

These occurrences have risen and doubled with the recent events.

All disasters have caused significant disruptions in the lives of the affected individuals.

When faced with a disaster, it would be tremendously hard to recover from damages.

Disaster relief is an action given to assist and help those affected by disasters.

US Legal says that disaster relief “includes humanitarian services and transportation, food, clothing, medicine, beds and bedding, temporary shelter and housing, medical and technical personnel, and repairs to essential services.”

How Can You Help With Disaster Relief

There are many ways that you can help.

We’ve listed some simple and effective ways to contribute to disaster relief and along with some of disaster relief companies.

Reach Out To Reputable Disaster Aid Organizations And Donate What You Can

When we hear about disasters, we cannot help but feel helpless ourselves.

However, this does not mean that there is nothing that you can do. Extending help, by means of donation, can be a great help to those in need.

One of the most effective ways to help is to donate cash to disaster relief organizations.

This will ensure that your donation reaches its designated place and individuals who need it the most. Donating cash also increases the accuracy of help provided to all areas.

A problem that local and national responders encounter is making sure relief operations are efficient.

Some areas get too much help or goods needed which in turn deprives other vulnerable areas.

This is why donating cash is more effective. Responders have more flexibility and are able to direct the flow of help provided.

Here are some organizations that you can get in touch with for donations:

  • New Orleans – Headwaters Relief Organization – Headwaters’ began as a grassroots volunteer effort providing disaster aid in 2005 in response to Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans’ Ninth Ward. The resource center offers free counseling, referral to other resources if needed and community education to those who might not otherwise have access to mental health support.
  • Team Rubicon –  They’ve been helping military veterans reclaim their purpose through deployment of disaster assistance across various communities and areas.
  • Greater New Orleans, Inc. – The organization has created a $23 million housing recovery fund and brought more than 9,000 families home in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. You can make a donation or become an ambassador to help make a difference in the community and assist on any emergencies. 
  • Opulent Philanthropy Inc.– A non-profit disaster relief organization that aims to help individuals and families across the United States. 
  • The Humane Society of the United States’ Disaster Relief Fund – Focuses on helping pets who got separated from their owners during an earthquake, storm, hurricane, and fires.
  • The American Red Cross – The universal go-to for disaster help. They also provide emergency resources and training helping families and individuals prepare for any disaster. 
  • Feeding Texas – the network is the largest hunger-relief organization in Texas. They’ve reached over 4 million Texans annually with food and resources and engage the state in the fight against hunger.
  • Houston Food Bank – Distributes food and other essentials to those in need through a network of a thousand community partners. They also provide programs and services aimed at helping families achieve long-term stability including nutrition education, job training, health management, and help in securing state-funded assistance.
  • Galveston Food Bank  –  “To lead the fight to end hunger in Galveston County”, is the ultimate mission of the Galveston County Food Bank. Their goal is to provide easy access to nutritional food for the approximately 53,000 residents in Galveston County facing food insecurity including underprivileged children and elderly citizens, persons with disabilities, the homeless, the working poor and others in need.
  • Corpus Christi Food Bank – The CBFB is a nonprofit organization that solicits and distributes food which might otherwise go to waste or be discarded by manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers. Their mission is to reduce hunger in South Texas through food distribution and nutrition education.
  • Airbnb Disaster Relief Airbnb gives individuals or families a chance to host their homes for people who need it after a disaster. You can help in just 4 easy steps. 
  • GoFundMe – Start choosing a campaign to give your donation to. Go Fund Me is the best place to fundraise whether you’re an individual, group or organization. 
  • PortlightThey aim to provide equal access to emergency programs and services for people with disabilities and people with access and functional needs before, during and after disasters. 

Quality and Trusted Disaster Relief Construction Services At Big Easy Demolition

New Orleans and other surrounding areas are not new to experiencing disasters.

As the NOLA locals ourselves, we know of the great impact that these disturbances has to our lives.

We are familiar with the stress you can feel when recovery is taking longer than it should.

Here at Big Easy Demolition, we are prepared to offer disaster relief services.

We’ll use these services to homeowners and business owners alike.

You can count on us for professional disaster response help. Disasters can include any of the following:

  • Hurricane damage
  • Tornado damage
  • Flooding damage
  • Hoarding clean-up
  • Fire damage
  • Water damage
  • Mold removal restoration emergency

We have professional and effective demolition workers that are fully licensed, insured, and bonded.

Our company has the qualifications to handle all kinds of demolition projects.

For every project, our workers will use efficient and safe equipment to make sure it will be done right.

You can contact us and inquire about our disaster relief services like debris removal and demolition projects.

Our demolition experts will come down to take a look at your property, so we can go over your disaster recovery New Orleans options.

Disaster Recovery

Bulldozer wrecking a buildingOne recent disaster that has hit Louisiana is Hurricane Laura.

This was declared a disaster on August 28, 2020. FEMA has declared assistance for both individual and public levels.

Recovery from disasters like this would take years.

In the event of disasters like this, we are willing to help you get back your life together.

It can start by rebuilding your house or your business.

Our New Orleans disaster relief services will help you begin rebuilding by taking care of the cleanup and preparation.

Taking action to begin disaster recovery is important to avoid any more damage.

You can rely on our swift and timely response for disaster recovery.

Debris Removal

A clear sign of disaster aftermath is debris. It can become overwhelming to take care of hauling and removing debris yourself.

Let us take care of this for you and your family. We will work on debris removal so your property will be ready for reconstruction.

You can rest assured that debris will be disposed of properly. Once debris has been removed, you can begin rebuilding much easier and much faster.

Ready to Help: New Orleans Disaster Relief Contractors

We want to help people in New Orleans and nearby areas to cope with disaster-related damages that is why Big Easy Demolition is offering disaster relief services.

We are equipped to help them start with their homes and buildings. Our company will be there to make sure we construct, repair, and rebuild buildings and lives.

We can never say when disaster will hit. Accidents and natural calamities can happen anytime.

The amount of damage these will cause cannot be foreseen. What we can do is to fix what we can.

That is what we aim to do here in Big Easy Demolition, let us handle your New Orleans disaster relief debris removal. We will help homeowners, families, and business owners fortify their properties. In this way, we can help New Orleans get back on its feet.

Drop us a message or give us a call at (504) 688-4399.

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